Saturday, June 26, 2010

Life and times of Gia Hilado

Life and times of Gia Hilado

Once again the most unlikely person is included in the well renowned official campus publication of JCA. Its hard to believe that the most lazy and uncaring person in the face of the universe is part of the coolest club in JCA.

Wicked cool!!! Honestly I’ve lost hope in being a part of this year’s team of IGNITEROS. And to be honest I’ve been thinking of what elective to take this year.

But I am blessed that is why I am in journalism today. The moment Mr. Albelda asked me if I was still willing to join journalism, or the moment he asked me if I was thinking of transferring to another elective, I instantly woke up from my dream land and jumped super high for joy.

He asked me what position do I want to cover. I abruptly said I want to be a photo-journalist once again.

There so many reasons why I’d die for a slot in IGNITE.

One because I believe that I didn’t give my best last year. The first few months of course. I wanted to make a good impression.

But as time passes by I grew lazy. I don’t do assignments. I didn’t give a damn about school work.

But this year im gonna make a difference. Im gonna be a vessel. A vessel that would lead ignite to victory(or at least try).

Second:Im a dreamer and I am a believer. I dream of IGNITE in the nationals winning its back to back championship. I believe that we IGNITEROS are capable of such things.

Last year we surrendered everything to God. We didn’t have the fund in which we need to print our paper. The paper that we have all worked hard for the whole year.

Ignite has taught me so much last year. And I know it will teach me more this year.

In journ we need to have determination, inspiration, and application.

Determination= we must be focused on the goal.
Inspiration= find the heart that will help you reach or better yet surpass that goal.
Application= in everything you do you will have to learn some things. Of course all of those are for us. We should be willing to stop at one point and ask yourself what I’ve learn from this experience. Then apply it in your daily life.

I believe that by withholding myself to this facts I would survive. No I would pass this school year with flying colors. So help me God!