Saturday, June 26, 2010

no, no to sex incompetence

Sex education??? Really?

Sex education has been a vital issue for years now. For years people have argued over a simple problem. Having to study sex education in every classroom.

What’s up with that? Huh… If you ask me, that issue should be thrown out of consideration list. Why? Easy there are tons of problems that should be on top priority. Like uh, I dont know maybe poverty…

What’s up with people making such big fuzz about something so small? I mean sex is sex people may take it green mindedly or not. But sex is sex.

Sex will happen. Besides in sex education student don’t actually learn how to do sex. The students will just learn what will happen if you do that.

I myself am terrified of sex. Honestly even the word “sex” scares me. Weird? Maybe so but I know that fear wont get me knock up like other young girls are.

Yes! Girls, girls who think they know everything. Girls who goes with the flow. Even girls who is blinded by what they call love. Girls who barely even know what sex is.

Tough words for a girl my age huh? Well for me that will prevent me from ever being a young mother.

To be honest its stupid of some schools to not have sex education in there curriculum. Why? Because its helps make students more open-minded about sex matters.

For me, students will become more mature. Because think about it. Passing such a malicious topic would be difficult if you’re not mature enough.

Sex education is the study of people reproduction. This subject matter covers the do’s and dont’s of sex. It also covers how to protect yourself from getting aids or other diseases and how to not get pregnant.

So what is wrong with that? For me that would be even more helpful. Instead of killing an unborn child. The beauty of the human body works in different ways.

Think about it, for girls having the knowledge of having a new soul inside your body. And for boys, having to be a part or instrument to God’s plan. It works wondrous.

All life is valuable remember that. But also remember that everything goes according to Gods plan. You will be a part of that new creation so whether you like it or not you will have to accept the responsibility and consequences of what you are about to do.

“Prevention is better than cure” that will be the best advice I could give students.

For me sex education should in fact be a part of our school curriculum, so that all I’ve said will be part of the development of our increasing young parents population. And this will also prevent poverty.


  1. ang strong ate nung impact ng pagno-no mo..pero it's still nice...")

  2. medyo naguluhan lang ako kasi parang iba iba yung topic sa bawat par. may napunta sa poverty and whatsoever. yun lang. :)

  3. it's nice. to be honest, i didn't take you for the kind of person the strong yung 'impact' sa words. so yun lang :)
    my response in your question kanina, nakakanumb ang matulog sa harap ng computer :)))

  4. go go go... hahaha mukang damang dama mo Gia ung article na ito ah.. hehehe >.< joke

  5. "Sex incompetence?" Do you know what this exactly means? Understand the words or phrases that you use.

    There are some grammatical errors. And your story is a bit disorganized. It has the tendency that one paragraph would not support the other, but rather oppose it. Okay?

    I like how straight forward you are, though. Just always be accurate.

  6. i understand :) i'll be more accurate next time thanks for the tip... Mr dani(joke!!!)