Saturday, August 21, 2010

what's up with upcat?

What is up with UPCAT???

UP the school to be? What about the others? When it comes to universities up is like the school everybody would die for! Its like a one in a million risk. A risk many people take every single year. But why UP why not UST or Ateneo or even La salle, one particular school stand out among the rest.

A school of activists that’s what some says, but is that what everybody thinks? If so, then why do parents enroll them in that school, Ironic? True, but it’s the truth everybody should face. Out of 100 thousand applicants all over the Philippines only 30 thousand is given the chance.

It is the home of the so called “scholars ng bayan”. The word scholar means it is for the less privilege, that is why some people say that if you are rich don’t enroll in UP cause you are stealing from the less fortunate.

When asked why, people say its because it easier to find a job when you’ve graduated from UP, while some is just after the university name, others just want to prove to themselves that they are qualified. Which one are you?

For me UP is UP it is just a university. Though I myself had tried my luck, I wont be down or depressed if for instance I don’t pass. It is a world of possibilities, if I cage myself from the thought that UP is the only school for me, then I would just limit myself to that, and I wont be able to see what lies beyond the horizon.

It is a world full of doors. There is no use crying over spilled milk right? Though I’m hoping to be one of the few, I don’t want to get my hopes up to high for it’s one in a million chance. I know even if Im not that one, God will provide me with the right path.

So where do you stand

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