Saturday, June 26, 2010

Life and times of Gia Hilado

Life and times of Gia Hilado

Once again the most unlikely person is included in the well renowned official campus publication of JCA. Its hard to believe that the most lazy and uncaring person in the face of the universe is part of the coolest club in JCA.

Wicked cool!!! Honestly I’ve lost hope in being a part of this year’s team of IGNITEROS. And to be honest I’ve been thinking of what elective to take this year.

But I am blessed that is why I am in journalism today. The moment Mr. Albelda asked me if I was still willing to join journalism, or the moment he asked me if I was thinking of transferring to another elective, I instantly woke up from my dream land and jumped super high for joy.

He asked me what position do I want to cover. I abruptly said I want to be a photo-journalist once again.

There so many reasons why I’d die for a slot in IGNITE.

One because I believe that I didn’t give my best last year. The first few months of course. I wanted to make a good impression.

But as time passes by I grew lazy. I don’t do assignments. I didn’t give a damn about school work.

But this year im gonna make a difference. Im gonna be a vessel. A vessel that would lead ignite to victory(or at least try).

Second:Im a dreamer and I am a believer. I dream of IGNITE in the nationals winning its back to back championship. I believe that we IGNITEROS are capable of such things.

Last year we surrendered everything to God. We didn’t have the fund in which we need to print our paper. The paper that we have all worked hard for the whole year.

Ignite has taught me so much last year. And I know it will teach me more this year.

In journ we need to have determination, inspiration, and application.

Determination= we must be focused on the goal.
Inspiration= find the heart that will help you reach or better yet surpass that goal.
Application= in everything you do you will have to learn some things. Of course all of those are for us. We should be willing to stop at one point and ask yourself what I’ve learn from this experience. Then apply it in your daily life.

I believe that by withholding myself to this facts I would survive. No I would pass this school year with flying colors. So help me God!

no, no to sex incompetence

Sex education??? Really?

Sex education has been a vital issue for years now. For years people have argued over a simple problem. Having to study sex education in every classroom.

What’s up with that? Huh… If you ask me, that issue should be thrown out of consideration list. Why? Easy there are tons of problems that should be on top priority. Like uh, I dont know maybe poverty…

What’s up with people making such big fuzz about something so small? I mean sex is sex people may take it green mindedly or not. But sex is sex.

Sex will happen. Besides in sex education student don’t actually learn how to do sex. The students will just learn what will happen if you do that.

I myself am terrified of sex. Honestly even the word “sex” scares me. Weird? Maybe so but I know that fear wont get me knock up like other young girls are.

Yes! Girls, girls who think they know everything. Girls who goes with the flow. Even girls who is blinded by what they call love. Girls who barely even know what sex is.

Tough words for a girl my age huh? Well for me that will prevent me from ever being a young mother.

To be honest its stupid of some schools to not have sex education in there curriculum. Why? Because its helps make students more open-minded about sex matters.

For me, students will become more mature. Because think about it. Passing such a malicious topic would be difficult if you’re not mature enough.

Sex education is the study of people reproduction. This subject matter covers the do’s and dont’s of sex. It also covers how to protect yourself from getting aids or other diseases and how to not get pregnant.

So what is wrong with that? For me that would be even more helpful. Instead of killing an unborn child. The beauty of the human body works in different ways.

Think about it, for girls having the knowledge of having a new soul inside your body. And for boys, having to be a part or instrument to God’s plan. It works wondrous.

All life is valuable remember that. But also remember that everything goes according to Gods plan. You will be a part of that new creation so whether you like it or not you will have to accept the responsibility and consequences of what you are about to do.

“Prevention is better than cure” that will be the best advice I could give students.

For me sex education should in fact be a part of our school curriculum, so that all I’ve said will be part of the development of our increasing young parents population. And this will also prevent poverty.

Monday, June 21, 2010

the place to be




Title: The Place to be.

What is journ? For me journ is home. It is the elective where no one gets left behind. It’s a place where a student is free to express his/her thoughts on a certain topic.

Journ gives me a sense of originality. Why cause in every competition. I am challenge to think of something different. In journalism, you have to think of ways on how to make your piece different yet interesting but the rules still are still imposed. Difficult huh? That’s journ for you.

I cant complain cause for me journ is the place to be. This may seem shallow ,but for me your officially cool in JCA if you are in journ.

Journ for me was the greatest part of my 3rd year life. Though i did somethings that I’d have to regret, like not passing my requirements on time. Not caring at all what happens when im not around or simply not being a good student to Mr. Albelda.

When I was in 3rd year I was lucky enough to be able to come to the mini-press con.,division and regional competions. At first I didn’t know why Mr.Albelda choose me. I thought because I have a gift or something. Maybe I did but maybe as time grows old my other classmates developed their gifts in writing to.

Honestly im happy where I am in journ today, Cause I know I deserve it but honestly I wouldn’t mind taking a step forward if you know what I mean.

When I joined journ. I didn’t know what will happen. I mean when I was in 1st and 2nd year highschool I used to write columns in Roosevelt collage. I thought both the nws paper wer the same and I was wrong big time. Ignite is a hundred timebetter than roosevelt’s publication.

I thought I’ll get by like I did in Roosevelt. I was wrong, in Roosevelt I get grades of 93 in English for my participation I journalism. But with Mr.J I can’t do that.

What I love about journ is that I get to do what I want and that is taking pictures and writing news. I also love radio broadcasting.

Journ gave me some unforgettable memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I love it when we go out of the campus. I love our field trip. I love the time we interviewed mr. Jeffrey Jeturian and imma cried. I love the time Mr. J came by my house to interview my tita. I love it when my tita said that Mr.j is the youngest yet most prepared journalist who ever had an interview with her and she’d had interviews with so many professional journalist she even had an interview with MANY “pacman” PACQIUAO. It made me proud as his student to be hearing that from my tita.

Of course if there are so many good times I can’t help having bad time as well. Like the time we went to SM north and someone almost had a chance to steal my cell phone. But my insinct got the best of me and I actually screamed at the girl. I also experienced having a low mark in journ.

But to be honest I wouldn’t replace journ for anything. Journ is in the list of my favorite things.

That is why I think that journ is the place to be.