Saturday, August 21, 2010

building blocks to the future


JCAians Reflects

permit to leave, permit to live...
Jejemon matapos ang Emo…

Alam niyo ba kung ano ang “Jejemon”? ang “jejemon” ay isang bagong “trend” na ginagaya ng mga kabataan ngayon. Ayon sa ilang dalubhasa ang mga jejemon ay mga indibidwal na mahihina ang IQ na ikinakalat ang kanilang pagkasintu-sinto sa pamamagitan ng mga text Nh4 Tu74|) Nh!t0. Sila rin ay walang sawang nagkakalat ng lagim sa Internet sa pamamagitan ng mga “social-networking sites” tulad ng “facebook & friendster”. (

Ngunit may bago, sa ngayon hindi lang sa text makikilala ang isang jejemon. Ang sabi nila mayroon na rin daw sariling istilo ng pananamit. Akalain mo yun? Bagong henerasyon ng kabataan.

Kung noon Emo, ngayon ang pinagkakaguluhan naman ay jejemon. Dati itim o pula na t-shirt, makapal na eye-liner ang mga laslas sa pulso ang makapagpapatunay na Emo ang isang kabataan, ngayon ang uso ay maluwag at makukulay na t-shirt na mayroong malalaking imprinta, “Skinny jeans” na may iba’t-ibang kulay, at jejecap ang patunay na sila a isang jejemon.

Ayon sa aking sariling pagsasaliksik tungkol sa isyung ito. Maraming nag sasabing skwater ang mga jejemon. Sila ay basta-basta na lang nakikigaya sa mga “trend” ng iba.

Ngunit sino nga ba ako o tayo upang husgahan ang mga taong ito? Tulad nga ng sabi ng aking mga kaibigan na tila may asal jejemon “walang basagan ng trip”. May kanya-kanyang pagiisip ang mga tao. Kung ang Diyos nga hindi tao pinakekealman, anu ang karapatan nating makigulo sa iba. Hindi ba?

what's up with upcat?

What is up with UPCAT???

UP the school to be? What about the others? When it comes to universities up is like the school everybody would die for! Its like a one in a million risk. A risk many people take every single year. But why UP why not UST or Ateneo or even La salle, one particular school stand out among the rest.

A school of activists that’s what some says, but is that what everybody thinks? If so, then why do parents enroll them in that school, Ironic? True, but it’s the truth everybody should face. Out of 100 thousand applicants all over the Philippines only 30 thousand is given the chance.

It is the home of the so called “scholars ng bayan”. The word scholar means it is for the less privilege, that is why some people say that if you are rich don’t enroll in UP cause you are stealing from the less fortunate.

When asked why, people say its because it easier to find a job when you’ve graduated from UP, while some is just after the university name, others just want to prove to themselves that they are qualified. Which one are you?

For me UP is UP it is just a university. Though I myself had tried my luck, I wont be down or depressed if for instance I don’t pass. It is a world of possibilities, if I cage myself from the thought that UP is the only school for me, then I would just limit myself to that, and I wont be able to see what lies beyond the horizon.

It is a world full of doors. There is no use crying over spilled milk right? Though I’m hoping to be one of the few, I don’t want to get my hopes up to high for it’s one in a million chance. I know even if Im not that one, God will provide me with the right path.

So where do you stand
New, new, new. Its just plain new!

A time to laugh and a time to weep, a time to work a time to live, a time to win and a time to fail. Back to school mode. Bye, beaches. Hello books. The school year had just begun. So many things were unexpected. New teachers, new government, new people, so many new faces and the biggest change the new “kibuts.”

So many things have changed, and I don’t know where to start. Let me begin with the teachers. Well I for one have thought that they would be push-overs. They all look so young, but honestly the new teachers of JCA really do know what they are talking about in front of the class. It is true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The teachers look sweet and they but I used to think that they are somehow incapable of teaching us students, they look kind of weak. Well they sure showed me.

Next, the new SSG, lead by Ms. Danielle V. Nakpil as the president of the student body and Mr. Josiah Albelda as their adviser, promises to make this year a school year nobody would ever forget. From what I’ve seen in the last few weeks in school I would say that they really trying their best to make this school year rock.

New faces, the numbers of students of JCA increased this year. And I like what I’m seeing most of the new students are nice and they know how to treat the people around them. That’s nice, actually I think everybody should be like that so that no body will ever get left behind.

The new Kibuts, it has a very cool new look. The staff even has a new uniform. The price rates lessen and the food is still the same. But with new looks comes new irritating rules. Well we cant have everything, I guess there’s always a catch. Well who knows we all have our opinions.

So many things has already happened, its only been one month. What else would happen next? One things for sure, this year would be different.


“Hirayamanawari ang nag-wagi”

Hirayamanawari ang nanalo sa isang survey na idinaos ng mga mamamahayag ng JCA noong nakaraang lingo. Limang pamagat ang pinagpilian ng mga estudyante. Ang mga pamagat at ang kanilang nagging antas ay:

1. Hirayamanawari=134 pnt.
2. Imba=31 pnt.
3. Rumaragasa=20 pnt.
4. Matanglawin=12 pnt.
5. Haligi=1 pnt.

Hirayamanawari ang humakot ng mga boto. Ayon sa ating kagalang-galang na tagapag payo ng klaseng pampahayagan, ang ibig sabihin ng hirayamanawari ay sana “mangyari.”
Ang tag line ng nasabing pamagat ay “Hirayamanawari. Katotohanan. Pag asa. Pagbabago.”

Ang survey ang para sa pag papasya ng ukol sa pamagat nng pahayagan sa laranganng Pilipino. Ito ay ipanglalaban ng JCA sa iba’t ibang kompetesyon na magaganap ngayon taon na ito.Hinahangad ng paaralan ng JCA na makamit din nito ang mga parangal na nakamit ng Ignite(pahayagan ng JCA sa larangan ng Ingles).

the greatest person alive

For me and some of the people I know, Oprah Winfrey is the greatest person alive. She is very influential and very strong. She is a role model to thousands of people all over the world.

She is known as the world’s richest philanthropist. She is also known for her award winning self-entitled talk show Oprah. She is also ranked the richest African-American of the 20th century. Oprah is once known as the only black billionaire.

Oprah also had her fair share of hardships. She was born in poverty by her teenage single mother in the rural Mississippi and later on raised in the inner-city Milwaukee. She was raped at the age of nine and got pregnant at the age of 14. Her son died in infancy. Afterward she was sent to live with the man who got her pregnant.

She then called her father a barber in Tennessee. From then on she got her break on a radio job while she was still in high school. At the age of 19 she co-anchored her first local evening news. Her personal experiences got her transferred to a daytime talk show arena. She then boosted that third rated local Chicago talk show to first place. Making her launch her own production company and became internationally syndicate.

Through all that success Oprah stays down to earth. She never fails to amaze people with her kindness. She is involved with so many charities and rumor has it that she actually supports half of Africa.

Oprah sees the world in a different view. Her hardships were her key and inspiration to keep on moving forward. Who would have ever thought that a poor nobody would end up one of the richest person on earth? What are the odds of becoming someone influential all of a sudden?

She didn’t just get there like magic. She got where she is today because of determination, and hard work.That is why Oprah for many young and old individuals is the greatest person alive.