Sunday, September 26, 2010

By; Gia Hilado
Reaction paper…

Awake is a very breath taking film. It was for me very interesting and the directors and producers did not hold anything back. You can really see the compassion they had while making the film. They wanted people to see the truth about life, life is not perfect.

Awake is a film about a guy named Clay. Clay may seem to have it going on. He is rich. He is very good looking. He is smart. And he has the perfect girlfriend.

It is about medical malpractices. In the movie the wife(Sam) was only after the money she’ll get if her husband dies. Usually medical malpractices happen by accident, but in this case it was on purpose.

I’m no doctor but I swore I saw some malpractice myself. Like doctors are given a time span in surgeries. And I know they are not supposed to take their masks off. And they shouldn’t be drunk. And they shouldn’t let anyone inside the OR. And there should be cameras everywhere.

A doctor no matter how critical a case may be, should not commence an operation without the persons consent. So if the movie was real the hospital may be sued multiple charges.

The movie showed that no matter how rich you are you can never buy true happiness in life. It goes to show that all good things must come to an end. Beauty can be deceiving. And mothers know best.

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