Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Filled Physics Fieldtrip.
By: gia hilado

A memorable September 16 2010 to all 4th year students of JCA. As we had there 2010 filled trip courtesy of the physics class. We spent most of the day having fun in Enchanted Kingdom what a ride!

Usually student will say that the highlight of the field trip is always the bus. Well this year is different, Ms. Shiela Padilla, Mr. Wilfredo Adorio and crowd’s favorite Mr. Allen Elefano was there to join the fun.

It was a great idea to incorporate a very stressful subject with fun. We had a little bit of problem with the problem solving but no matter we were able to solve it with flying colors.

The space shuttle was awesome. I was with Ms. Padilla her grip on my hand almost broke it. Everyone was shouting like crazy. And after the ride everybody was shaking.

Next was the anchor away. I was sitting next to our physics teacher which was funny because he was also screaming.

We rode the jungle log jam. I was with my best friend. At first she was saying this is a piece of cake. But when we got to the top, she was praying. Lord help me please. And I was laughing so hard.

Then off to flyinfiesta. Bustamante was behind me. I saw him with his eyes shut because he was so scared.

We paused for a while to take a break everybody was so tired. We took so many pictures it was so enjoying. We walk for like one hour the we decided to stop on a bench.

Then we went the stores. We tried some eye liners and were looking trough some stuff. I bought a shirt for my shall I say special friend in SanSebastian. It was so exciting.

Then we rode the rialto. It was boring! Honestly it was the same movie I watch last summer when I went there with my family.

Next we went to the arcade. I won two stuffed animal from the hook game thingy. I used physics to grab the stuffed animal. It was so cool.

The main event was the Rio grande rapids. Everyone except me got wet. Which pissed me off. We rode it 4 times and I didn’t even get wet.

Then we went home. It was fun cause evry body was singing and so many controversies. But all in all I had a million laughters.

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